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Who is Banksy?

Banksy, the alias of an anonymous British artist probably born in Bristol in 1974, is considered one of the world's greatest exponents of street art. His true identity remains a mystery to this day, fuelling the fascination and curiosity surrounding his figure.

Characterised by an unmistakable stencil technique and often accompanied by biting slogans, his works are charged with satire and social criticism. Through irony and black humour, Banksy addresses burning issues such as war, globalisation, consumerism, inequality and power, inviting the public to reflect on complex and uncomfortable topics.


The exhibition

Throughout the exhibition area, unique installations, amusing photo opportunities and a vast collection of images narrate Banksy's artistic rebellion: you will feel as if you are travelling through the streets of London, where you will encounter the artist's greatest works and be able to explore, through the documentaries presented in the cinema rooms, the compelling life of this visionary genius. This exhibition is inspired by the London Underground: you will be guided through its 'stations', each with references to Banksy's underground culture and provocative art.

The real heart of 'BANKSY UNDERGROUND', however, lies in the opportunity to be the protagonist of the exhibition itself: you will be invited to leave your mark, to explore your creativity on the dedicated walls, embracing Banksy's 'spray and say' spirit. Do not expect original works, but interpretations that challenge the traditional concept of authenticity and promise to bring art closer to young and old alike. 


Opening times

Wednesday - friday:  1.00 pm - 7.00 pm 

(last admission at 6.00 pm)

Saturday, sunday and holidays:  10.00 am - 8.00 pm

(last admission at 7.00 pm)

Monday and tuesday: closed


For private and/or corporate events, it is also possible to book the venue outside opening hours. For more information and bookings, please contact


Family Ticket (2 A + 2 C)

during the week                                 CHF 49.00

weekend and public holidays         CHF 56.00

FLEX*                                                     CHF 65.00

Tickets can be purchased online or on site. Presale prices may be subject to a surcharge due to service costs.


This ticket allows you to choose a date of your choice between the 3rd of May and the 28th of July. Also perfect as a gift idea!


Children (6 - 15 anni)                         CHF 12.00

Retirees / Students / IV                    CHF 21.00

Adults (+16 years)                               CHF 23.00

weekend and public holidays

Children (6 - 15 anni)                          CHF 12.00

Retirees / Students / IV                     CHF 17.00

Adults (+16 years)                                CHF 19.00

during the week

Children (6 - 15 years)                        CHF 12.00

Retirees / Students / IV                     CHF 15.00

Adults (+16 years)                                CHF 17.00

Raiffeisen Members Plus enjoy a 25% discount on tickets purchased directly on the bank's portal.


Admission for children aged 0 to 5 years is free of charge.​ The price includes an audio guide, which is available in four languages (E / F / D / I) and can be accessed with your own smartphone. We recommend that you bring your own earphones.

What does it mean that the exhibition is unauthorized?

The exhibition is unauthorized because the artist is not directly involved in the production of the exhibition.  Si precisa che tutte le opere, le serigrafie e gli oggetti esposti in mostra sono repliche e installazioni ideate da GC Events.

Is the exhibition accessible?

The exhibition is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible as there are stairs and the venue does not have ramps. We always strive to make our events accessible to everyone and we regret that we were not able to do so in this case.

Is it possible to buy tickets directly on site?

Yes, the ticket office on site is open during the exhibition opening hours.

Is it necessary to book the visit?

No, it isn't, but by buying tickets online you will be sure to visit the exhibition at the booked time. 



Form of contact

Banksy Underground

An unauthorized exhibition

Cinema Rialto

Via San Gottardo 1

6600 Muralto

078 260 21 25

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